...There is NO lecture on Wednesday, 19 September, at 9.30 am-11.30 am. Instead, next week, the lecture will be on Tuesday, 18 September, from 3.30 pm -5.30 pm, in Theatre 6, Meng Wah Complex. The guest speaker will be Mike Rowse, the Director-General of Investment Promotion at InvestHK, HKSARG. He will start speaking at around 4 pm.

Please note that the first tutorials for POLI0019 students will be on Wednesday, 19 September, as scheduled, starting at 2 pm. Sign-up is now available through the PPA homepage at hku.hk/ppaweb. Let me know if you have any problems.

There will be no tutorial for POLI0068 IBGM students on Wednesday, 19 September.