Next Week: A Business Perspective

A number of our speakers have spoken - sometimes positively, sometimes negatively - about the role and influence of business in Hong Kong. Next week, on 7 November, we have a great opportunity to hear from one of Hong Kong's leading business figures: Ronnie Chan Chi-chung (left, in center, with fellow Enron board members), Chairman of Hang Lung Group, a major real estate development company. One of the most engaging and dynamic businesspeople in Hong Kong, Mr Chan also serves as Vice Chairman of the Asia Society and Chairman of the Asia Society Hong Kong Center. He was formerly a director of Standard Chartered Bank, Motorola and Enron, where he was on the board's audit committee. I have posted a selection of Mr Chan's articles and speeches in a folder in the WebCT course site. If you can, please read some of them before class.

[NOTE: Photo changed and text/links revised on 10 December 2007 in the interest of full disclosure and transparency. For some reason, official biographies of Mr Ronnie Chan fail to mention his previous service on the board of Enron, which is an important aspect of his background.]