The Leaflets Controversy

For those of you who may be interested in following the to-and-fro between Ms Lau and Mr Chan, I have uploaded all the relevant messages, letters and faxes to the WebCT course content area. All the correspondence except my e-mail messages to Mr Chan have been released to the media. (Ms Lau chose to make public my email to her without my permission.)

I leave it to you all to draw your own conclusions from this episode. I will only say this:

My main priority from the beginning has been to maintain the privacy of the participants in this class and prevent the course or the University from being drawn into what is clearly a personal feud. I will not entertain the suggestion that Ms Lau and Mr Chan debate in class and cross-examine the participants in front of reporters. This is in fact a straightforward matter that does not require a media spectacle to resolve. I will not permit a course and its participants to be used for what I consider to be petty personal ends of no academic value.

[Originally posted on 3 December; final paragaph added on 7 December, 7.30 pm]