Question of the Week: What Makes Hong Kong Competitive?

In anticipation of the presentation by our guest speaker on Tuesday, Mike Rowse, the Hong Kong government's point man for investment promotion, I thought I would pose the following two (okay, three) questions:
  • What are the core reasons for Hong Kong's global competitiveness? (Remember the World Economic Forum ranking that I put on the screen in class - It might be interesting to look at the sub-rankings to determine exactly what Hong Kong's strengths and weaknesses are, according to the study. What exactly do we mean when we say an economy is "competitive"?)
  • What are the key threats to the SAR's competitiveness? (In other words, what could topple the apple cart?) And should we be concerned?
I mentioned before this article on Hong Kong by Columbia University Professor Saskia Sassen, which appeared in Newsweek magazine last year. She makes some interesting points which I am sure will be echoed by Mike Rowse on Tuesday. Check it out.

What do you think?

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(Mr Wong, who is handling the POLI0019 tutorials, may take up this discussion thread in the section meetings on Wednesday, 19 September.)