Thanks - and Tomorrow's Tutorials

Thanks very much for coming to the special lecture. I appreciate that you attended the lecture and discussion outside our normally scheduled period.

A reminder: The first tutorials for POLI0019 students will meet tomorrow, 19 September, starting at 2 pm. As I mentioned, if you have a problem signing up, ie the time slot you need to be in is fully booked, please just go to the section which you can attend and let Mr Wong know of your problem. I think we should be able to accommodate clear cases of students who can only attend a particular tutorial. We don't want to overload any particular section, but we do want to make sure you can fit the tutorial into your schedule. After tomorrow's tutorials, I will confer with Mr Wong and we should be able to adjust the sign-up to meet the demand. But if you can make a tutorial that still has open places, please help us out by sticking to that section.

BTW, I should note at this time that we will have a lecture and tutorials on 17 October, the Wednesday of the reading week. The reason for this is that I will have no lecture on 21 November so I am using the reading week to make up for that.