American Perspectives on Hong Kong

On Wednesday, as you know, our guest will be Jack Maisano, the President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. In advance of the class, you may want to read this speech that Jack delivered in Los Angeles in 2006. I expect that we will again be discussing the environment, particularly since AmCham recently published its second annual Environment Survey. The study found, not surprisingly, that air pollution has become a factor in recruiting professionals to come to live and work in Hong Kong. Here is a press release summarizing the results of the report.

I have uploaded to the WebCT site a pdf of the U.S. Congressional Research Service (CRS) report on Hong Kong since the handover, which was published in June. It provides quite a good summary of the key issues of the past ten years and offers a bipartisan U.S. perspective on American relations with Hong Kong. The study is intended for an American audience. You can find here a summary of the report and a link to download it directly.