The Chief Executive's Policy Address: "We have to see Hong Kong from the perspective of our country's future"

As you know, Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen delivered his policy address yesterday. You may wish to read the entire speech for yourself.

Pertinent to our discussion of Hong Kong's role in the world is paragraph 126:
"To free ourselves from doubt and confusion, we have to see Hong Kong from the perspective of our country's future. Only in doing so will we be able to cultivate the right niche for ourselves in our own nation. Over the past three decades, we have contributed substantially to our country's economic growth. Hong Kong's businessmen were the earliest investors in the Mainland when our country began to reform and open up. Our professionals followed suit and headed north to embark on new ventures. In the coming decade, Hong Kong will remain a balanced, pluralistic, stable and advanced city. We play by the rules of a free market while stressing corporate social responsibility. We embrace modern values while upholding the core values of the traditional Chinese family. We promote democratic development without compromising social stability or government efficiency. We pursue economic growth, and care about environmental protection and cultural conservation. We cherish the personal freedom of individuals and pluralism, and we have a shared sense of national identity. Ours is a Chinese city, as well as a global city. Hong Kong will continue to serve the country in our unique way. We will also lay an even more solid foundation to maintain our own long-term prosperity, stability and development."
Here, the CE gets at the nub of what we have been looking at so far this semester. As Hong Kong pursues its various roles - as a an international financial and business center, a frontline actor in the global fight against infectious diseases, a regional leader in setting rule of law and governance standards, an advocate for China to the rest of the world, and a bridge between China and the U.S. - the SAR's confidence and success in meeting these various international goals and responsibilities is really predicated on its ability to find "the right niche for ourselves in our own nation." To establish its position in the world, Hong Kong has to carve out an appropriate and meaningful place for itself in China's growth and development. The question is: what is that "right niche"?

If you have any reactions to the CE's policy address, feel free to share them.