A Word About Posting - and the Final Exam

We have had excellent comments posted; thank you for contributing. Please keep it up.

For those still holding back, don't feel that you have to write anything very long. You don't need to have a lengthy, finely crafted exposition, just make your point or points - 100 or 200 words will do. By all means, however, if you have a lot to say, then that's fine too. As I have mentioned, I would like everybody to contribute at least three times during the semester. More frequent contribution will help in your assessment in this part of the course, but quality is certainly more important.

My ulterior motive, I should note, is to get you primed for the final exam (at least those of you who have to take one). The final will likely consist of two or three fairly general questions, requiring replies in the form of a short essay of a few hundred words each, not unlike the comments you are posting on the blog. Posting on the blog is therefore good practice for the exam. I'm hoping that you will combine references to what you have heard in lectures with what you have read to provide focused and well thought out answers.

When posting on the blog or when taking the final, don't be too concerned about the correctness of your English, though you should try to write as clearly as you can and with your best effort at grammar and spelling. What counts more are the arguments - and your critical thinking about what you have heard, what you have read and what you already know.