POLI0019 Final Examination

I thought I would give POLI0019 students more information about the final exam.

As you know, it will run from 9.30 am to 11.30 am on 14 December. You will have to answer just two questions of equal weight from a selection of five. The best essays will be those that use specific references to readings, what specific guest speakers said, other authoritative sources and examples to support the line of argument. As I've mentioned before, consider the blog to be good practice for the exam. The difference is that you will have only about an hour for each question. Please try to write with your best grammar and spelling, but don't get too concerned about writing in perfect English (though I hope that those who feel they can improve their English will continue to do so). Finally, please write legibly. If I can't read it, then I won't be able to understand your answer.