POLI0068 Research Papers

Many thanks to the IBGM students for staying late yesterday to get through all the presentations that were on hand. I appreciate that many of you had another class to go to and therefore had an abbreviated lunch period. I will be preparing more detailed reactions to each of your proposals over the next few days and will e-mail each team or individual. But please don't wait to hear from me. You should be proceeding with your research, particularly those of you who wish to interview sources. It can take time to set up meetings or to get e-mail replies to questions. Meanwhile, do send me an e-mail if you have any questions on your paper or anything else.

Any POLI0068 students that have not submitted a paper proposal, please do so immediately if you are in fact writing a paper, i.e. if you are at all concerned about the assessment you will receive at the end of the course. Without a proposal and certainly without a paper, I will have little alternative as to the assessment I will file.