Next Week: Two Guests

As I mentioned in class yesterday, we have two very interesting guests next week. Both could only make it on 31 October.

Xu Sitao, Chief Representative in China, The Economist Group, and former chief economist for ICBC Asia, the investment banking arm of China's biggest state bank

Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee
, (right), Founder and Chairperson, Savantas Policy Institute, and the former secretary of security of the HKSARG

Mr Xu will start at 9.30 am. Mrs Ip will arrive after 10 am and we will start the session with her around 10.15 am. Please try to come on time if you can.

I was keen to have a guest who could give a mainland Chinese perspective on Hong Kong. Mr Xu kindly agreed to stop in Hong Kong on his way to Taiwan specifically so he could join our class.

Mrs Ip needs no introduction. To continue from what we talked about with Emily Lau, she will discuss the dynamics of Hong Kong's relationship with the mainland. She will also talk about her experience in government, particularly in handling the trade and security portfolios. Finally, as the head of a recently established policy think tank, she will give her views on the role of civil society in Hong Kong.