POLI0068: Calling for Paper Proposals

If any team or individual is ready to make their paper proposal presentations in our next tutorial on Wednesday, 31 October, please let me know and I will put you on the schedule. All you would need to do is submit your proposal to me before class - ideally the day before - so I can post it. You or your team would have about five minutes to explain your topic. We would then take a few minutes to discuss your plans.

I would like as many students or teams as possible to make their presentations in tutorial on 7 November since I don't plan to have a formal tutorial on 14 November. (Instead, you may join me and Dr Unteroberdoerster of the IMF at an informal lunch after the lecture on that day.) If we can't get through everybody on 7 November, we may have to schedule a special tutorial on 14 November or some other mutually agreed date and time. The last resort would be to finish the presentations in tutorial on 28 November, but I would prefer to have the presentations done sooner than that.