Tutorials: Looking Ahead

After my big goof this week in forgetting that I had cancelled tutorials, Mr Wong and I reviewed the syllabus. This is the tutorial schedule going forward. It is essentially the same as in the syllabus, with key changes starred.

31 October: Tutorials as scheduled
7 November: Tutorials as scheduled
14 November: ***POLI0068 tutorial*** (no POLI0019 tutorials)
21 November: ***POLI0019 tutorial*** (first round of debates)
28 November: Tutorials as scheduled (second round of POLI0019 tutorial debates)
5 December: ***No tutorials***

As you know, I was not aware that Reading Week meant that many students would be away. In retrospect, I should not have had a make-up class and tutorials that week. I was also not aware until yesterday that by 5 December, the exam period will have already started. For that reason, I will not have any lecture or tutorials on 5 December. I would like to have an open review session before the 14 December exam - perhaps on Monday, 10 December? We can talk about that.

To accommodate the POLI0019 tutorial debates and to give enough time to conduct them, Mr Wong and I thought it would be better for him to start them on 21 November, with half of each tutorial section participating in the debate and the other half listening and then critiquing the discussion. On 28 November, the other half of each class will debate and the others will take the role of the judges. Please note that on 21 November there will be no lecture and no POLI0068 IBGM tutorial.

I will post something on the debates and on the POLI0019 and POLI0068 writing assignments soon.