POLI0019 Exam

I am in the process of setting the exam paper for POLI0019 students so I have been giving more thought to how it will proceed. As I mentioned in class yesterday, the Examinations Secretary has set the exam period for Friday, 14 December, from 9.30 am to 11.30 am. The venue is the Lindsay Ride Sports Centre. I know that a couple of students asked if the date could be changed. I looked into this and, unfortunately, this is NOT possible. I'm sorry - the Examinations Secretary is allowing no changes.

What I propose to do is have a fairly simple exam - two or three essay questions not unlike the Questions of the Week that have been posed on the course blog. The questions will be fairly broad in scope. A good essay in response will make reference to what the guest speakers told us during the semester, to any other recognized authorities, and to any of the assigned readings or other material that you may have read. You can also draw from your own experience.

What is important is to provide a clear line of argument with three or four key points that address the question. You should bolster these points with examples, facts and other information. Be as economical as you can. You should make your best effort to write with correct grammar and spelling, but I fully understand that not everyone can write English to a native standard.

I propose to have a review session during the exam period - perhaps on Monday, 10 December - if there is demand.

I should note that POLI0068 students will not need to sit an exam.